A better way to sell what you create

Phare exists to help creators, artists, and makers of all kinds sell more easily. Now you can list a product once, sell it everywhere so you can spend more time on what you love to do and less on running a business.

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Less time selling =
more time creating

List, sell, ship, and chat with your admirers no matter how many places you sell, all from one spot.
Phare helps you to…

List once and keep your inventory in sync everywhere you sell

With Phare, you list a product once and then it will be published across all of your sales channels. And, when you make changes to your listing – such as updating a photo, title, price, etc., Phare automatically makes those changes everywhere. You only need to do it once. You will also have peace of mind knowing you didn’t sell more than you have or sell that one-of-a-kind item twice because Phare keeps track of every sale and automatically updates your inventory.

Manage orders and everything in one place

Shipping, taking payments, chatting with your customers, and keeping track of everything is all under your control from one place - Phare.

You can even have your own website

How about having your own website, if you don’t already have one? With Phare it’s super easy. Now you can sell on your site as well as all those others, plus you don’t have to pay yourself a fee when you sell something – more money for you!

We help you share the love

With Phare, you can sell more, in more places, quickly and easily, so you keep keep more of what you earn. Which helps you spend more time doing what you love.

Create. Sell. Joy