Sell on Etsy

Sell to millions of Etsy shoppers

Expand your reach and access over 30 million relevant buyers shopping on the world’s most popular creative marketplace. Get your products listed within minutes and manage it with ease, all within Zibbet.

Selling on Etsy with Zibbet

Selling on Etsy with Zibbet

List your products directly on Etsy, and manage your orders, all within Zibbet.

Keep your inventory in sync

Keep your inventory in sync

Zibbet seamlessly connects to your Etsy shop, so that when you make a sale on there, your inventory numbers are automatically updated across all of your Zibbet connected sales channels – in real time.

Make product changes once

You can list a product on Etsy directly from Zibbet and publish it everywhere you sell at the same time. Any product changes, such as a new photo, title etc, only need to be made once and it’s updated everywhere.

Manage orders in one place

When you make a sale on Etsy, the order details will also appear on Zibbet. In fact, all of your orders from all connected sales channels are imported into Zibbet, so you can manage and fulfill them all from the one place.

Already have a shop on Etsy?

If you’re already selling on Etsy, that’s perfect. You can import your products into Zibbet within a few clicks. You’ll be up and running in no time.

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“Being able to manage inventory across channels is going to be a real timesaver for me.”

Susan Schroeder

Susan Schroeder


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